Star Citizen Breaks $15 Million

Showing absolutely no signs of losing momentum, Star Citizen blows past the $15 million mark.

Chris Roberts has to feel like a loved man right now. His Star Citizen Kickstarter set out to raise a modest goal of just $500,000 to develop a new PC space-based that have in large part been abandoned by publishers. But the Wing Commander creator doesn’t believe that this genre’s time has passed just yet. And so far, he appears to be correct.

To say that Star Citizen has far exceeded its initial goal would be a massive understatement of epic proportions. Each time we check back on the game, that funding amount just seems to keep getting bigger. This week Star Citizen exceeded the $15 million mark, adding two additional ship classes for reaching the new milestone and earning each backer a 42-page Upgrade Handbook manual.

It kind of makes you chuckle when you think about all of those people in the past (and some even now) that say that PC gaming is dead.

Source: Star Citizen website

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