Star Citizen Celebrates One-Year Anniversary with Citizen Con Livestream

Join the Cloud Imperium dev team tonight for a special livestream presentation to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Star Citizen campaign.

WeÂ’re approaching the one-year anniversary since the start of Star CitizenÂ’s massively successful Kickstarter campaign. What began as a campaign to raise a modest $500,000 to develop the game ended with over $2 million pledged and has since ballooned to more than $21 million and climbing.

Later today, the Cloud Imperium team will be hosting a livestream event dubbed Citizen Con 2013, which will celebrate the one-year anniversary of that massively successful campaign. ItÂ’s unclear what the team has planned for the livestream, but chances are that weÂ’ll possibly get to see more gameplay, dev Q&As, and maybe, as previous livestreams, have a few special guests.

The Citizen Con 2013 livestream event starts at 7:30pm ET today, so keep a check on the Star Citizen website for more.

Source: Star Citizen Livestream

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