Star Citizen Funding Now $20 Million and Counting

Star Citizen’s momentum continues to build as it breaks the $20 million mark and shatters another stretch goal.

Given the pace that Star Citizen continues to rake in the cash, itÂ’s no surprise that we find ourselves here once again. Today the ambitious project from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has broken the $20 million mark, ensuring that first person combat will be added to lawless planets. With that goal now shattered weÂ’re on to the next, which will add a new career with the Salvaging Mechanic at $21 million. That said, IÂ’m sure weÂ’ll be writing about that one being shattered soon as well.

As a nice bit of padding to the new stretch goal today, Chris Roberts also took some time to chat with Gamasutra recently prior to the new milestone. Roberts discusses the success of the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign and why he doesn't want a publisher. It's a fitting read for today's news so be sure to check it out at Gamasutra.

Source: Star Citizen Breaks $20 Million

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