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Star Trek Online warps into our galaxy on Stardate 312908.7752 (that's February 2, 2010 for those of you still in the Starfleet Academy back on Earth). If you're looking to engage in some Trek style PvP action, Ten Ton Hammer will be bringing you the latest and greatest in exclusive guides to help you get your Klingon on.

To get you started on your path to domination in the Klingon Empire, be sure to check out our recent interviews on Klingons and PvP with Cryptic Studios below:

  • Captains to your Helm - Ship Q&A with Al Rivera

    In Star Trek Online players will gain access to many of the ships we've grown to know and love from the movies and television shows. From the Enterprise, Discovery and Defiant to the deadly Bird of Prey, players will get to fly them all. This week we discuss the types of ships, upgrades and progression available for ship captains throughout their careers with Cryptic Studios Al Rivera.

  • Going Klingon - A Star Trek Online Q&A with Zeke Sparkes

    Klingons have been the hot topic of Star Trek Online for the past couple of weeks and it has sparked a lot of discussion. The recent announcement that Klingons will be PvP centric has the community posting furiously. Some love the idea, some hate it. Ten Ton Hammer wanted to get to the grit of the topic, so we spoke with Zeke Sparkes of Cryptic Studios. If there's one man that knows about Klingons in the game, it's Zeke.

  • Klingons and PvP Q&A with Cryptic Studios

    Any game risks the wrath of rabid fanbois every day, but take an IP with a fanatical fanbase like Star Trek, and you've got the perfect tinder for flamefests around every virtual corner. The recent announcement that Klingons would be PvP-only set the boards alight in record time so Ten Ton Hammer Exectuive Editor, Benjamin J. de la Durantaye sat down with Lead Content Designer, Zeke Sparkes, to get some answers surrounding this controversial subject.

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