SOE Celebrates Friday the 13th with In-Game Events

Sony Online Entertainment lines up a series of superstitious in-game events to celebrate Friday the 13th.

Players enjoying their favorite Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) titles will find a few extra surprises today. Friday the 13th doesnÂ’t come around too often and SOE has put together some in-game events for some of their online titles. Check out the list below for whatÂ’s in store.

Free Realms:  Players can make their way to Camp Chatty and Camp Robbie Lake to meet Jason Maskface (perhaps a distant and less violent cousin of Jason Voorhees), who will recruit willing participants to help scare others by turning them into spooky creatures such as banshees, grave elementals, skeletons and other scary things along with an ability that will let you turn other players into a black cat.

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: Players that visit several areas of the Jedi Temple will be randomly transformed into Skeletal Clone Troopers capable of scaring off bad luck. There will also be a sale on Holoprojectors in the marketplace.

EverQuest and EverQuest II players get a sale on various items in the in-game marketplace for the rest of the day.

Source: SOE Press Release

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