BioWare Readies for SWTOR's First Anniversary

The one-year anniversary of SWTOR is approaching and BioWare is giving away some colorful fireworks to commemorate the event.

BioWare shipped out Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) almost a year ago just in time for the holidays. The initial launch drew more than 1.7 million players by the MMORPG’s second month of operation. While the following months were not as kind, BioWare made a number of changes and converted SWTOR to free-to-play last month, drawing many new and old players back to the game.

With the one-year anniversary looming just around the corner on December 20th, BioWare has announced that current players with a valid SWTOR account will receive a stack of 25 complimentary faction-based fireworks to celebrate. The fireworks will be delivered to players on December 11th. Now let’s see how long it takes for a crafting group of players to crash the universe by setting off a chain of fireworks spanning an entire planet.

You can register to play for free on the SWTOR website.

Source: SWTOR Anniversary Fireworks

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