En Masse Puts the Fight Into TERA's Political System

En Masse Entertainment is making a few changes to TERA’s political system that is sure to spark some heavy guild rivalries.
TERAÂ’s original two paths to become a vanarch were through votes or conquest combat. But the battleground play for the combat part wasnÂ’t quite ready at launch, so the election process has been the way to go for those with political aspiration. But thatÂ’s about to change. While the battlegrounds are still being worked on, En Masse Entertainment has come up with another way to put the fight back into political infighting.

In an upcoming revision to TERAÂ’s political system, players that would like to ascend the political ranks through conquest will have the chance to do so in what will equate to a week-long bloody battle with other guilds competing to become vanarch of the providence in a modified version of guild-versus-guild (GvG) PvP battle.

When the competition phase begins, all members of other eligible guilds become targets. But instead of a normal 24-hour fight, vanarch GvG is a weeklong affair. WeÂ’ve set some limitations: only kills scored on characters level 40 and up count, and thereÂ’s a cap on the points your guild can earn from a single guildÂ’s members per day. Vanarch GvG doesnÂ’t replace normal GvG battles (those are still declared and resolved as usual), and even though you earn no points for lower-level characters in rival guilds, theyÂ’re still on the hit list.

A few provinces will be eligible for vanarch GvG each election cycle. Those selected will not make use of the voting process, so make sure that your guild is ready to back you up and fight it out the full week if you want the ruling spot.

Source: Updates to TERAÂ’s Political System

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