TERA Goes Free-to-Play in February

En Masse Entertainment sheds TERA’s subscription fee next month as the action MMORPG goes free-to-play.

We figured that it was coming and now itÂ’s confirmed. En Masse Entertainment has announced that TERA will drop its subscription next month and join the ranks of the free-to-play under the name of TERA: Rising.

Starting in February, players that have previously purchased a copy of TERA will have access to eight character slots, four bank tabs, and an additional mount. Current subscribers will have their remaining subscription time converted into elite game time but refunds can be requested on the day of the change by submitting a ticket. The new account options will include Elite Status (subscription), Standard (Free), and Founder (Redeemed box copy purchase). You can view the various benefits of each one here. Founder status provides quite a few perks, so if you intend to play you may want to check that out and set it up before the conversion if you havenÂ’t already.

Read the official FAQ to learn more about the upcoming free-to-play option for TERA. Check out the trailer below for a peek and to catch a few subtle jabs at Star Wars: The Old Republic's free-to-play model.

Update: Gameforge will also be taking TERA free-to-play in Europe.

Source: TERA Free-to-Play Announcement, FAQ

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