TERA Producer Reveals 1-Year Anniversary Plans

TERA celebrates the 1-year anniversary since its NA launch today with events throughout the month of May.

It’s been one year to the day since TERA officially launched in North America, and to celebrate the occasion, TERA Associate Producer Patrick “Treeshark” Sun has penned a new Producer’s Update to reflect on TERA’s first year of content, statistics, and what’s in store for players this month.

Sun opened his update with a reflection on some of the first yearÂ’s content such as the Argon Corpus, Sirjuka Gallery, and the Crucible of Flame dungeons, improvements to the Nexus experience, and raid dungeons. But the big topic of the update is the first anniversary of TERA, which comes with an assortment of content and events throughout the month of May. This includes contests, events, and the addition of the new version of the Kelsaik raid coming mid-May along with a 20v20 battleground in late June. Sun also touched on more of the content coming this summer with the new alliance system, upgrades for the political system, and a way to deliver content updates faster to players.

The update concluded with an infographic of data from TERAÂ’s first year that included statistics such as over 1.5 million accounts created, a breakdown of the number percentage of created classes, the numbers of each class killed in PvP, male and female created characters, and more. Head over and give the full update a look for all the statistics.

Sources: TERA ProducerÂ’s Letter, Anniversary Content

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