TERA’s Corsairs’ Stronghold Update Goes Live

By Stacy Jones -

Hoist the airship sails, matey. TERA’s latest update hit live servers this morning to bring the new pirate-themed Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground to the PvP combat scene.  The level 60+ battleground is now available and uses a equalization ruleset for gear, so the combat is more skill-based than gear. Players that take part in the new battleground will have a chance to claim new booty, complete Daily quests, earn XP, and an assortment of other rewards.

In addition to the new battleground, the update also adjusts spawn rates for BAMs in Fraywind Canyon, restructures the queue for ChampionsÂ’ Skyring, makes a number of other changes to battlegrounds and dungeons, and squashes several bugs. A full rundown of the update is available via the patch notes.

Source: TERA Patch Notes, CorsairsÂ’ Stronghold Page

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