The Elder Scrolls Online Video Previews Gathering and Exploration

By Stacy Jones -

Are you a fan of exploring new areas in an MMORPG and gathering loot found in barrels, crates, chests, and other objects? If so, thereÂ’s some good news for you today if youÂ’re a fan of The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO).

In a new video, TESO Creative Director Paul Sage previews some of the incentives for gatherers and exploration players to do what they like to do and find some nice shiny loot while doing it. The video offers a peek at some of the many interactable objects that will be available in TESO that will yield loot, crafting items, skyshards, lore books, and even the option to fish. And if IÂ’ve learned one thing about MMORPG communities in my many years of gaming, that should make quite a few of you very happy.

Check out the video embed below for a peek.

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