The Repopulation’s 2nd Kickstarter Closes Strong

The Repopulation releases a new alpha video and closes out its 2nd Kickstarter campaign with over three times the initial goal.

The second Kickstarter campaign for The Repopulation has come to a close and it was just as successful as the first. The Kickstarter campaign wrapped up over the weekend, netting an additional $176,525 in pledged funding. That averages out to over 250% of the initial goal. The Kickstarter pledge goals unlock additional stretch goal content that includes the Rocharus mount, adversarial camps, points of intrigue, Calprates mounts, cooperative structure placement, beta round 3 slot for a friend, traveling shops, unique renaming of items, and PvP gladiator arenas for both NPC and player cities.

In addition to the massively successful second Kickstarter, Above and Beyond Technology also released a new alpha teaser video for The Repopulation. Give it a peek below and visit The Repopulation website to learn more.

Source: The Repopulation Kickstarter

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