Blizzard opened up with all cannons during their opening ceremony at BlizzCon 2013 with big news for most of their major titles. One of the big announcements made early is that Heroes of the Storm beta registration is now open and you can head over to sign up now.

Blizzard also took some time to reveal more about their all-star packed titles, showing off some of the many heroes that players will have the chance to play as such as Arthis, Kerrigan, Diablo, and more. Essentially the character lineup is all the biggest names across Blizzard’s entire catalogue.

If you’ve been hoping to get a peek at the gameplay you’ll be happy to know that a new trailer as well as early alpha footage was also shown and you can heck those out below. Don’t expect your standard Dota style of play, Heroes of the Storm includes a variety of maps, each with different ways that players can gain an advantage. On one map you may have to get enough gold to bribe a pirate, on another, you’ll gather skulls to use dark magic to transform a chosen hero into a powerful dragon knight.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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