Hello there denizens of TenTonHammer!

Today we want to announce something we've been planning for a while now and are finally ready to reveal. In an effort to add more diversity to the content we're bringing you, we'll begin regular streaming of a variety of games throughout the week. As a fan of pretty much all types of gaming, there really aren't many limits to what games we'll be sharing with you all. If it can be streamed from a PC, it will be.

Assuming there are no technical issues or unusual emergencies, you'll be able to watch TenTonHammer live at least three days a week. Our resident Dark Elf and RPG aficionado Veluux will be leading the charge and our initial schedule will begin next week on Monday night.

TenTonHammer Network Schedule (all times Eastern)

  • 9-11PM - MOBA Monday
  • 9-11PM - Open-World Wednesday
  • 6-8PM - Freeplay Friday
  • And *3-11PM* most weeks, Sneak-Peek Saturday

*(NOTE: Stream length on Saturdays will be between 2-6 hours long at some point during the 3-11PM window.)*

Show/Day Notes and Information

Monday streams will typically follow the MOBA genre, but we will also sprinkle in a few other competitive, eSports related titles, like Hearthstone or Counterstrike for example. Aside from those rare curveballs, expect a heavy dose of Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, SMITE, and even DOTA2. Veluux is no professional competitor by any stretch of the imagination, but having been an active player in LoL ever since first launch, he's very familiar with the genre.

On Wednesdays he'll be turning his focus towards the MMO genre. As an avid fan of both first-person-shooters and role-playing games, there aren't many titles off the table. There are a number of games he's currently interested in, as well as quite a few he's been looking for a reason to try. Since most of the MMOs he's currently eyeballing are a still quite a ways down the road, expect a mixture of today's popular titles as well as an occasional throwback.

Friday will be a giant mixed bag, as games from any genre and any walk of life will be welcome. If we've got access to it, then it's fair game. Keep an eye on Veluux's twitter (@Veluux) later in the week to watch for straw-polls or stream requests for this Friday spot.

The real wildcard will be Saturdays, as that day of the week will be a possible bonus stream. It won't happen every week, but if we get our hands on anything interesting, you can bet we'll try to plug it in there. Tomorrow (April 18th) Veluux will be streaming a special combat event with Das-Tal (PvP sandbox arena online game), so be sure to tune in for that!

If you haven't already, go scout out our channel and be sure to give us a follow. We're looking forward to bringing you lots of engaging new video content, and it all starts here. Come stop by tomorrow and check out what we're all about.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Alex has been playing online games and RPGs for quite some time, starting all the way back with Daggerfall, EverQuest, and Ultima Online. He's staying current with the latest games, picking up various titles and playing during his weekly streams on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings with both MMOs and MOBAs being feature plays. Hit him up on Twitter if you have a stream request for Freeplay Friday! Two future games he's got a keen eye on are Daybreak's EverQuest Next and Illfonic's Revival.