Neverwinter Profound Ponderings

Ever wonder what life must be like for someone guarding the city walls of Neverwinter? The third video in the Profound Ponderings series brought to you by our friends at Cryptic Studios sheds some light on this less than glamorous occupation.

City guards tend to have it pretty rough in most games. They're typically under constant attack by the creatures us adventurer types collectively decide aren't worth our time or effort once we've ventured further out into the world. In some cases, they're even forced to suffer humiliating defeats by the players on a regular basis depending on faction or alignment systems.

The downtime would no doubt be even worse during those times when there's no major attacks. I mean, could you imagine standing around in the hot sun all day while your brain slowly melts under all that heavy armor?

It would seem that the city guards of Neverwinter don't have a very glamorous occupation, which happens to be the subject of our third Profound Ponderings video:

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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