Infinite Crisis profiles Hal Jordan’s radioactive alternate universe counterpart this week with the melee bruiser Atomic Green Lantern. Unlike Green Lantern Prime, Atomic Green Lantern is powered by a new atomic isotope, resulting from the loss of power to his power ring and the loss of his arm.

Hal Jordan was desperately searching ruins for survivors when his ring mysteriously deactivated. His construct shattered, dropping several tons of overhead rubble. He awoke in a makeshift clinic to find his right arm amputated and his ring embedded in his chest. Weeks later a shadowy figure offered to restore Hal's depowered ring using a new radioactive isotope. He agreed without question, but the cost was great: a briefer and more painful existence.

Forming a construct arm as replacement for his amputation, Atomic Green Lantern melts his enemies with deadly radiation and explosive brute force.

Atomic Green Lanterns is adept at slowing enemies and damaging them over time with rad stacks. His Ultimate, Meltdown, fires a toxic shard that sticks to a target, slowing them and dealing AoE damage. Meltdown bounces to another target if the enemy dies or receives four stacks of rads.

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Source: Turbine Press Release

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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