Neverwinter Profound Ponderings - Pet Dragon

Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to have a pet dragon? Find out whether or not that would be such a great idea in our second exclusive Neverwinter: Profound Ponderings video.

We've been playing a heck of a lot of Neverwinter since the game launched earlier this summer. It's easily one of the best online games to launch this year, and you have to admit that it certainly raises the bar when it comes to the free-to-play market.

When you spend any sizable amount of time within a given setting, it's only natural that you begin asking deeper questions about your character's place in the world. In our second exclusive Profound Ponderings video for Neverwinter, our friends over at Cryptic Studios ask one of the questions many of us have no doubt thought about or discussed in guild chat at least once over the past few months: how awesome would it be to have a pet dragon?

Be sure to watch the first Profound Ponderings video which focuses on the subject of guilds if you haven't already done so. And if you haven't played Neverwinter yet, don't forget that the game is totally free to download and play, so head over to the official website where you can register and get set up to hop into the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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