“Waste Enemies, Not Time!”

Get your hotkey fingers ready! The first weekend of closed beta testing
for the upcoming MMOTPS, Fury, is set to commence on Friday, July 6th. For those of you that
haven’t had the opportunity to join in on any of the beta
testing fun this far (Auran has been hosting weekend encounters for the
last few months), here’s your opportunity to join the party.
To commemorate this event, Auran and Gamecock have released a video of
the actual gameplay in Fury. That footage hasn’t been sped up
at all… the game is just that fast.  Soon,
you’ll be wasting enemies, instead of time.

After you view the trailer, make sure you head over to href="http://www.unleashthefury.com">http://www.unleashthefury.com
and sign up for the beta test!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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