With Part 2 of Dragon's Reach right around the corner, we get a teaser for what's on the horizon for our heroes, who now take the role of not just hero, but diplomat, mediator and chief rallying body. The greatest chance Tyria has of survival is from complete cooperation from leaders who don't really like each other. Can they get over their rocky past and come together to form a unilateral front that will give Tyria the chance (and muscle) it needs?

We'll write more about Dragon's Reach Part 2, Episode 4 of Living World Season 2, as soon as we have more information for it. What players can look forward to, confirmed by the press release, is even more land for exploration, more of Dry Top to experience, and new monsters to fight. Based on how this season has played out so far, players can likely look forward to more achievements, as well.

How has Season 2 been treating you so far?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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