Carbine Studios took some time to answer a few fan questions about WildStar’s dye system, color blind accessibility, alt access, and the holy trinity during their talk at PAX Prime earlier today. If you happen to be color blind, don’t worry, Carbine confirmed today that controls will be in the game to allow customization to play WildStar as well as controls to tweak and customize enemy “tells” in combat for all players.

Cosmetic and alt access to goods will be getting some decent attention as well. If you roll up an alt, you’ll have access to not only the housing of your main character, but also any bind on acquire items that they may have obtained according to Carbine. And that will probably come in handy for those days that you start feeling fashionable as the cosmetic system will allow you to wear and look how you want while out of combat. The system even extends to mounts, which you can also customize. If it’s the wrong color, the dye system will even offer you three different areas of an item to dye to get it just the right mix of colors.

While many recent MMORPG’s are abandoning the holy trinity, WildStar is embracing it. The team confirmed during the Q&A session that the holy trinity will indeed be part of the game, but some classes will be a bit more flexible in what roles they can fill. A warrior, for example, can serve as a good crowd control class. So there’s at least one MMORPG in the development pipeline that will offer players a more traditionally defined role in grouping and maybe avoid the DPS zerg that often accompanies the abandonment of such.

We had a chance to preview WildStar’s housing system at PAX East, and Carbine opened their presentation at PAX Prime with an in-depth video preview of the system. If you haven’t seen some of the creative things that you can do with the lighting, environment, weather, and challenges with WildStar’s player housing, be sure to watch the full presentation replay on the PAX Prime Twitch channel. The presentation is broken into two parts, so you'll need to jump ahead in the first video to about the 31 minute mark to get started. I’ve included both embeds below for your convenience.

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Source: PAX Prime Livestream

Watch live video from pax2 on TwitchTV

Watch live video from pax2 on TwitchTV

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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