Runes of Magic is continuing the slow march to the release of Chapter IV: Lands of Despair and this week we have learned a little more about the backstory of the game's latest chapter and what the key villain in all of this has planned. The villain, Demon Sismond, has managed to gain control of certain key members of races and has begun pitting them against each other. All the while, he travels the countryside selling an addictive fruit to the people of the land, turning them into little more than mindless zombies. As conflict rages, Sismond's followers collect the dead to be resurrected as Sismond's servants.

To say the least, Sismond has given us a good start for the conflict that will be the focus of the Lands of Despair update. Additionally, one of the races that Sismond has targeted, the Fireboot dwarves, has also gotten a little update this week. Check out the video of the new Redhill Mountains zone and the conflict between the Fireboot dwarves and rhinos after the break.

Source: Runes of Magic website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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