At the Spring Finals, Hi-Rez (the developers behind SMITE) released a teaser video of the new arena map, a revamp'd version of the current one. Key differences include the switch back to day time, new animations for the portals, new minion design, the pillars getting revamped, and refreshed minion camps (going from 3 ogres to one minion that rises up out of the bottom). A lot of visually stunning effects have been added and we had the delightful chance to sit down with Thomas Holt, Level Art Director for Hi-Rez studios and ask him some questions on what exactly is going to be in this new map and what can players expect when the update hits.

The new arena map has been designed to be upgraded both graphically and gameplay wise, with some small mechanic changes and better visability. While players won't be too confused when the map hits, it should be a positive change and I'm personally looking forward to it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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