Star Trek Online’s Season 7: New Romulus update went live this week, adding a batch of new content to the spacefaring online game. For those less familiar with some of the events, the romulans have found themselves without a world to call home after Spock attempted to save it by using Red Matter but arrived too late, ending in rather disastrous results. Hey, the old guy tried but he can’t move as fast as he used to.

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Now a group of romulans and remans have set their differences aside to work together in constructing New Romulus, which serves as the focus of the storyline for Season 7. Luckily, this extra story also comes with a hefty dose of new content that includes new large persistent zones for max-level Klingon and Federation players with new objectives, a new Reputation system that allows players to earn the goodwill of the romulans for gear and new abilities, the ability to build a new Fleet embassy on New Romulus, new ships and quite a bit more.

Love it or hate it, Star Trek Online has made quite a few improvements and new feature additions since being rushed out the gate back in 2010 in what many felt was an incomplete state to avoid losing the game license after picking up the rights from now defunct studio Perpetual Entertainment, especially on the Klingon side of things, which lacked the level of PvE content seen on the Federation side, providing a primarily PvP-based experience.

A lot has changed over the years with new content, more features, expanded story and the eventual move to free-to-play. What do you think of Star Trek Online? Has it shaped up to meet your expectations, or do you feel that something still lacking? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Check out the Season 7: New Romulus patch notes for a look at the latest content along with the latest trailer below.

Source: Star Trek Online Season 7: New Romulus Now Live

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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