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If you've never had the opportunity to find out what this show is all about, go watch and watch our first show: Episode One - Welcome to the Show (7/17/2015). During that first installment, Alex and Jeremy spend time introducing themselves and explaining what TTH Talks is planning to deliver. Barring death, injury, or other impairments, this show will air regularly at 3PM Eastern every  Friday for about an hour.

We'd love to have you along for the ride, engaging in the conversation live via Twitch chat where you can submit questions and topics for us to discuss.

This week's show, Episode 19, is described below:

Episode #19 - A Year in Review (2015)

2015 was interesting and eventful with lots of things happening in the realm of gaming. For this episode, Jeremy and Alex share their highlights, reflect on the previous year and officially flip the dial over to 2016 as the livestream enters its second year of broadcasting.

As always, if you can't watch this episode live, be sure check out the replays below that we've done.

Episode Archive

Episode #1: Welcome to the Show

  • Jeremy and Alex unveil the new show, introduce themselves to the audience, and go into detail about future content and plans for TTH Talks.

Episode #2: Face of the Franchise

  • The hosts talk about public image, personal standards, and the latest news and updates from this past week in gaming.

Episode #3: Entitled to an Opinion

  • A discussion about player expectations, opinions, and reactions to upcoming game content and what it all means in the grand scheme of things.

Episode #4: Forget About the Fun (feat. Adam "Snipehunter" Maxwell from Illfonic's: Revival)

  • Jeremy and Alex are joined by Revival's Lead Systems Desinger for a chat about player expectations, contributions, and how niche games can become major players in the MMO market.

Episode #5: Leveling the Playfield

  • The show's hosts talk about fairplay and what that means for competitive gaming environments like League of Legends and other MOBAs as well as what Fairplay means for non-competitive games and MMOs.

Episode #6: Opening the Gates (feat.  Reese "Neurotoxin" Holland from Who's Gaming Now?)

  •  The show welcomes on a developer from My Dream and streamer for Who's Gaming Now?  to talk about game launches, early-access, and open development!

Episode #7: Competitive Gaming - Transformed

  • In this episode, Jeremy and Alex discuss how the competitive gaming scene has evolved greatly since the beginning of digital games media and also contemplate how these changes will impact the future.

Episode #8: The Future is Live (feat. Charles Bathel from Azubu Gaming)

  • Alex and Jeremy are joined by Azubu Gaming's Community Director to talk about livestreaming, eSports, and community development in the competitive gaming scene.

Episode #9: The Impact of Character

  • Your hosts debate the nuances of character in gaming and delve into the importance of characterization for online gaming as a whole - whether that's a MOBA or an MMO.

Episode #10: Surveying a Crowded Room

  • TenTonHammer is at it again, this time discussing the emergence of gaming into the mainstream and the flood of games pouring into the market - specifically with MMORPGs/MOBAs.

Episode #11: Not-So-Intellectual Property

  • This week your hosts break down what it means to carry an intellectual property and how games that hold them have come up short. They also discuss what it takes to build an IP from the ground up.

Episode #12: A Matter of Permanence (feat. David Wells from the upcoming game: Das-Tal)

  • Jeremy and Alex are joined by a guest host from Fairytale Distillery's Das-Tal game to talk about its upcoming 24/7 Alpha Server Test and how the addition of new permanent features affect the experience. Also, if you're reading this, then it means you missed out on the 100% FREE Alpha-Access keys that were given out during the live show!

Episode #13: Exploring a Labyrinth of Fun (feat. the CEO and Creative Director for the game Labyrinth)

  • Your hosts today are joined by the developers of Labyrinth - an interesting upcoming game that seamlessly blends both CCG and Tactical-RPG elements into one smooth-looking package.

Episode #14: In A League Of Its Own

  • Listen as your faithful TenTonHammer authors discuss all the upcoming changes League of Legends has on the horizon for the 2016 season.

Episode #15: Mixed-Motivation Madness

  • Jeremy and Alex talk about how intended (and unintended) player motivations effect games and the communities that play them.

Episode #16: The Worlds We Live In

  • In a shorter and more casual episode, Alex and Jeremy talk about digital game environments.

Episode #17: Crowfall in the Spotlight (feat. Design Lead Thomas Blair from ArtCraft Entertainment )

  • Your regular hosts are joined by a special developer guest and focus on the upcoming Throne-War Sim, Crowfall in this episode.

Episode #18: An Epic Addition to MOBAs

  • Alex and Jeremy give their first impressions on Epic Games upcoming Action-MOBA: Paragon.

We will also be porting all of our TenTonHammer Talks archive videos over to our YouTube Channel - so if you can't make the show live, you can still find the replays there and in our Twitch channel archivesBe sure to check out our inaugural first episode where we introduce ourselves, what our show is all about, and what our plans are for the immediate future.

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Last Updated: Apr 05, 2016

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Alex has been playing online games and RPGs for quite some time, starting all the way back with Daggerfall, EverQuest, and Ultima Online. He's staying current with the latest games, picking up various titles and playing during his weekly streams on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings with both MMOs and MOBAs being feature plays. Hit him up on Twitter if you have a stream request for Freeplay Friday! Two future games he's got a keen eye on are Daybreak's EverQuest Next and Illfonic's Revival.