Welcome to TenTonHammer Talks!

TTH Talks is a brand new talkshow featuring regular cohosts Alexander "Veluux" Wall and Jeremy "Justice" Waxman. The show airs every Friday at 3PM Eastern on Twitch.tv for one hour and hashes out important weekly topics in MMOs, MOBAs, and gaming in general.

Episode One: Welcome!

In this first ever episode of TTH Talks, Alex and Jeremy take some time introducing themselves to viewers, sharing some of their background in gaming as well as describing how they came to reside at TenTonHammer. While both are relatively new (a couple years) at TenTon, they've been gaming for as long as they can remember. Writing for TTH has only further increased their thirst for a good play, as they've been playing, analyzing, and divulging all the details of every game in their respective wheelhouses - and several of them on the outside too.

They also take turns stepping out onto major geek battlefields and picking sides (and occasionally agreeing) on topics like Star Wars vs Star Trek, Marvel vs DC Comics, Aliens vs Zombies, and several other interesting divides, scenarios, and situations. You'll probably never guess which side of the fence we're sitting on for many of these extremely important nerd-territory lines.

Last but not least we talk about the past, present, and future and discuss what we've played, what we're playing, and what we're looking forward to on the horizon. Curious if you share the same interests? Check out the replay below and join us live this Friday for Episode Two!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Alex has been playing online games and RPGs for quite some time, starting all the way back with Daggerfall, EverQuest, and Ultima Online. He's staying current with the latest games, picking up various titles and playing during his weekly streams on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings with both MMOs and MOBAs being feature plays. Hit him up on Twitter if you have a stream request for Freeplay Friday! Two future games he's got a keen eye on are Daybreak's EverQuest Next and Illfonic's Revival.