At href="">San
Diego Comic-Con 2010, En Masse
Entertainment held its first ever
community event for their upcoming fantasy action MMORPG href="">TERA.
fan events are great fun and this one was no exception, but En Masse
sweetened the experience by revealing a host of never-before-seen
features at the Thursday night event.

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Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez took us on a tour of
these new
and exclusive reveals, including expanded customization options and an
all-new User Interface. But the news that TERA will have achievements
and a novel new Glyph System stole the show. The Glyph System is
essentially TERA’s
method for customizing and modifying a
player’s skills to decrease cooldown, increase damage and
critical hit chances, and adjust many other aspects of the spells and
abilities. While up to 20 glyphs are available per class, there will be
a limit on how many active at once, and players must use an NPC to
activate and deactivate.

For more info on the Glyph System and a look at some of the early
acheivements, be sure to check out the short video below from the first
ever TERA
Community Preview event at San Diego Comic-Con 2010!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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