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Oh, yeah, right..."old school."

Whether you view them as sexy and decorative human advertising, or you think their very existence objectifies women, booth babes are a part of gaming con culture. Sometimes, it feels like you can't round a corner in the convention halls without your eyes meeting cleavage. Not that you guys mind. (Admit it, even if you think the booth babe phenomenon objectifies women, you don't really mind the cleavage.)

Despite bevies of babes at E3 2013, Eric and Tommy of Reckless Tortuga had a tough time producing that mythical Hot Gamer Girl you all fantasize about. There was plenty of hotness, but not a lot of gamer in evidence.

Seems like "old school" was the theme among these "gamer" girls. It's as if they were all lined up prior to the start of the event and told that if anyone asks they should just say, "I'm an old school gamer!" They're supposed fans of games like Mario and Zelda, which is probably code for, "I haven't played a video game since I was 8 years old." At 1:40, when asked which Zelda edition was her favorite, the girl replied that it was probably one she'd played on the PS2, because she doesn't have a PS3 yet. (And by PS2 she, of course, meant Nintendo GameCube. Because, you know, the two are easily mistaken.)

There's still hope though, guys. The lovely redhead at 2:06 plays League of Legends and MMOs. Let's hear it for the gingers! One out of dozens ain't bad, right?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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