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Martuk, our very own News Guy, brought this tidbit to my attention today. Although it's yet another PlanetSide 2 video, it still plays to my EverQuest Next theme this week. It also adds a touch of intrigue. Quite possible it's just another bit of fodder for the rumor mill, and yet....

Vanu Labs is a PlanetSide 2 player who's earned a reputation for leaking PS2 assets. Some folks in that community have even speculated that he's an undercover SOE dev, since some of the goods he digs up don't even appear to be on public test servers. We're not sure where he found this little in-game Easter egg, but it's definitely worth noting.

If this is part of a black hat SOE marketing scheme, it's a little stroke of genius. It certainly got our attention. Is this the official EQ Next logo? Some folks will suggest that it could have been created with Player Studio, but that seems impossible, since Player Studio was only made available for PS2 this week and requires a submission and approval process.

What's your take? Has Vanu Labs exposed the EverQuest Next logo a few days early?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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