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And that's what you get for climbing on the DRM bandwagon!

We've already riffed about the Xbox One's creepy always-on spying capabilities. Another problem gamers have taken up arms against is Microsoft's complicated policies regarding used games and lending. So far, the ability to rent an Xbox One game, or borrow one from a friend, won't be available at launch. (Unless your friend is willing to let you log into his account to download a digital copy.)

We gamers hate being told what we can and can't do with the games we've paid good money for. Knowing that, with Microsoft on the ropes, Sony lobbed this quick little uppercut to their steely jaw--a step-by-step guide to used games and the PS4.

Where do you stand in the console wars? Does Microsoft have your loyalty, or has the PS4 won you over? Are complicated DRM policies a problem, or just a sign of the times? Drop a comment!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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