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That thing in the painting is actually...

Since the EverQuest Next community set eyes on the full glory of Gabor Szikszai's EverQuest Next image there's been rampant speculation. Not only do the dark elves have horns, but...what is that sorta scaly looking, gray-greenish little figure beside the dwarf? Is it a tiny Iksar? A Ratonga? What?

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So, yesterday SOE released a sneak peek of the black box tour video fans were promised for helping the EQ Next official social media feeds reach their stretch goals. (The full video won't be released until August 6th.) It contains a sped up segment, during which it's impossible to understand what Senior Producer Terry Michaels is saying. Unless you slow down the audio. Here's the original video:

Of course, fans immediately jumped on board and slowed the audio down. Here's the slowed version:

In case you still can't hear it, Michaels says: "You actually spent the time to slow down the audio looking for an easter egg? I can't believe you did that. They told me you would. I'm impressed. Well, here you go: That thing in the painting... is actually a kobold."

So, let that put the speculation to bed. It's a kobold, folks. Are you surprised?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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