WildStar Shows Off Player-Created Houses from Beta

Carbine showcases new screenshots of the winning player-made houses from WildStar’s closed beta event.

Say what you will about the gaming community, if you give them a set of tools they’ll make some of the most creative content you can find. One of the things that Carbine Studios has added to WildStar is a robust housing system that allows players to put together some unique and creative designs for their own personal living space.

In this week’s update, Carbine handed out awards for their closed beta housing creation contest and posted the images for all to see. The winners will receive a special Housing Trophy. If you’re curious to see who won the creatively named awards like The Coolest Ceiling, The Jump Scare, Best Bartender (And Hat), and others, head over and check it out.

Source: WildStar Beta Houses

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