WildStar Wednesday Reveals the History of Shade's Eve

WildStar Wednesday celebrates Shade's Eve with tales of terror, myth, mayhem and frightful festivities.

This week’s WildStar Wednesday weaves a tale of terror for the known galaxy as Carbine Studios reveals one of the frightful holidays of WildStar with Shade’s Eve. Find out how the virulent Spacer’s Plague gave birth to the legend of Jack Shade and the traditions that formed around Shade’s Eve in this week’s WildStar Wednesday.

Jack Shade's comin'
Sure as death
To lay you down
And steal your breath

Put on your mask
Hide with care
And pray the Angel
Finds you there.

Salvation's near
We'll carry on
But first survive
Until the dawn

--ancient Cassian verse

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Shade’s EVE

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