WildStar Wednesday Reveals the War of Gnox

Carbine Studios unveils the first story in a series aimed at explaining the origins of the Exiles in WildStar.

This week is story time in WildStar Wednesday as Carbine Studios reveals the first in a series of stories that aims to explain the origins of WildStar’s Exiles. This week’s story heads to the planet of Gnox, home of the Granok civilization to tell a tale of how the primitive crop-growing Granok became embroiled in a war with the Dominion that nearly eradicated their planet and leading to Granok Exiles.

Several hundred years ago, Granok civilization on planet Gnox was fairly primitive. With only the most rudimentary levels of technology, the Granok lived in small, isolated tribes scattered across the surface of their homeworld, following a simple, stoic philosophy known as the Way of Stone. The tenets of this philosophy were simple - the world might shift around them, but the Granok were as immutable and unchanging as the living stone from which their bodies were hewn. So it had been for tens of thousands of years, and so it would ever be.

More stories relating to the creation of WildStar’s Exiles will be revealed over the next several weeks.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: The War of Gnox

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