WildStar Wednesday: Winterfest Extravaganza Edition

WildStar Wednesday returns this week with news of the Protostar Corporation’s plans for holiday shenanigans.

WildStar Wednesday made its return this week with a new character blog from Protostar CorporationÂ’s Phineas T. Rotostar. Rotostar, who you might remember from the Protostar CorporationÂ’s housing trailer, revealed more about Protostar's Gala Winterfest Extravaganza and the corporationÂ’s plans to spread the holiday spirit...for money.

That's right! During Protostar's Gala Winterfest Extravaganza by Protostar, you are guaranteed a pleasantly vague and non-threatening holiday event that is sure to meet an acceptable percentage of your expectations! What's it all about? We don't care in the slightest! Just so long as it involves mirth, merriment, and a steady, profitable stream of gift purchases for those you may or may not hold near and dear. It's all about fellowship! Peace! Goodwill! And amazingly low prices you won't believe on some of Protostar's most popular gift items!

Read more about the vague holiday and its profitable business plan in the latest blog.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Protostar Gala Winterfest Extravaganza

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