WildStar’s Charles Durham Talks Economics

Senior Systems Designer Charles Durham discusses the challenges of building WildStar’s economy and keeping it fun.

One of the trickiest parts of MMORPG development is undoubtedly the economy. In so many ways it can be ruined through exploits, mudflation, and any number of other things. Designing the economy to last can be a challenge, one that WildStar Senior Systems Designer Charles Durham endeavors to tackle this week in a new developer blog.

In his post, Durham delved into a brief discussion on economics before explaining why Dungeons & Dragons is the cause of the inflation problems with many games (it has to do with us killing things and taking their stuff). From there he dives down the path of designing money sinks for WildStar and keeping it fun while planning for the future.

Source: WildStarÂ’s Economic Game

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