Hearthstone Innkeeper's Invitational Overview

An overview of the Innkeeper's Invitational exhibition tournament debuting at BlizzCon 2013.

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BlizzCon 2013 is steadily drawing closer and Blizzard fans are ecstatic and rightly so considering that BlizzCon did not take place at all last year. As the event looms ever nearer on the horizon, it seems that more and more things to look forward to keep pop up. The most recent of which is an exciting announcement about Blizzard's newest game; Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Those attending BlizzCon 2013 will be able to witness the very first Innkeeper's Invitational. What is the Innkeeper's Invitational exactly? Read onward to learn the answer to that question plus even more juicy details concerning this brand new event!

The Innkeeper's Invitational

The Innkeeper's Invitational is simply this; an exhibition tournament. Wondering what exactly an exhibition tournament is? An exhibition tournament means that there is no competitive value of any kind to the players competing in it. This means there are no real rankings and no prize money, so basically those staging this are doing it for fun and simple love of the game. Which is, in my personal opinion, two of the best reasons to do anything.

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Those that put together the idea of the Invitational are a collect group of Hearthstone fans that got together and decided they wanted to put their skills on show for all Blizzard fans to see and why not? If you are good at something it is natural to want to showcase your skills. Not to mention that Starcraft players have long held huge competitions, some of which even take place at BlizzCon. These players all over the world come together to place their skills against each other for the chance to reign supreme in the Starcraft universe, at least until next year.

Being a competitive game, it seems that Hearthstone players would instinctively want to have the same chance as their Starcraft counterparts. However, the first Innkeeper's Invitational that we will see take place at this year's BlizzCon will be a tad bit similar and smaller in scope. Check out the rules of the game in the next section.

Innkeeper's Invitational Rules

The idea behind the Innkeeper's Invitation is to pit some of the most passionate Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft players against each other in intense matches live on stage at BlizzCon. Not only will players get to show off their skills, but the audience (who are also likely fans of the game) will get the opportunity to learn some new techniques and maneuvers. While that might sound simple enough, there are some rules.

Jaina Vs. Thrall

Players must bring three decks to the Innkeeper's Invitational for three different classes. These three decks will stick with the player throughout the tournament unless they get beaten. No other decks or cards other than those found in their original three decks may be used in the tournament. When a player is beaten, the deck they had used during that match will be out of the tournament for good. The losing player will then need to choose one of their remaining decks to battle with. You may not change decks in the middle of a match. Once a player is out of decks, it is game over for them in the Invitational.

Competitors in the Innkeeper's Invitational will face off in a set of best-of-five matches. Only one player will remain standing at the end of the Invitational. This winning player will take the glory of the win, plus be named “Grandmaster of the Hearth”, as well as receive a trophy befitting their victory.

Hearthstone Tournament Bracket

Now you know all about the Innkeeper's Invitational tournament and the rules, you are probably wondering who will take part in this event. To say the least, first Innkeeper's Invitational bracket is very small. Of course, quantity is not the key here, quality is. While there is very little information on how they were chosen, Blizzard notes that everyone taking part on the Invitational are dedicated Hearthstone players who are passionate about the game. We can assume that most, if not all, of these players are part of the fan team that thought up the idea for the Innkeeper's Invitational. Check out the initial bracket layout below!

Top Bracket

Day[9] Vs. Reckful

Hafu Vs. Kripparrian

Bottom Bracket

Trump Vs. Husky

Noxious Vs. Artosis

Watch It!

The Innkeeper's Invitational can be viewed in several ways. You can purchase a ticket to BlizzCon 2013 and view all the action live or if that is not an option, you can also choose to purchase a Virtual Ticket which will allow you to watch all the BlizzCon action from your home. Players who choose either of these options will also receive a Mystery Minion to add to their very own Hearthstone collection.

Broke, but still interested in watching? Don't worry! You can watch the semi-finals and finals for free via BlizzCon's website or on the World of Warcraft Twitch channel.

Hearthstone Mage Create Deck


The Innkeeper's Invitational seems like a great opportunity to see some awesome Hearthstone players show off their skills. Not to mention an excellent learning experience for players (like myself) that could benefit from a few tips from the professionals. We here at Ten Ton Hammer won't be missing out on the Invitational and hope to see it expand and become more and more popular in the years to come.

Will you be watching the Innkeeper's Invitational? Would you like to participate in such an event? Who do you think will walk away as the winner? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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