Pet Battle Accuracy and Damage Changes in Patch 5.3

Learn about the huge accuracy and damage changes are coming to pet battles in Patch 5.3.


One of the biggest hits of Mists of Pandaria is Pet Battles. Players really seem to love taking their once slightly useless vanity pets and pitting them against each other to see who comes out the victor. While it is true that there is insane amounts of fun to be had while pet battling, it is not quite perfect. However, with giant changes coming to accuracy and damage in Patch 5.3, Blizzard is making some giant leaps towards perfection. Read on to find out about one of the biggest changes expected in the upcoming patch:

Pet Battle Problems

If you are familiar with turn based strategy games, you know that one of the biggest elements is the chance to hit, miss, and crit. These elements are what make the entire game go around and ultimately determine if you win or lose. The way these elements fall into place is controlled chaos. Random....but not totally. This balance of randomness and control makes for an interesting, but not frustrating, game.

Pet battles are essentially turn based games. Currently, however, they have a huge amount of randomness and not enough control to balance it out. Not sure of exactly what the big deal is? The next time you have a chance to take part in a pet battle pay extra close attention to the logs. Check out the number of hits, misses, and crits. They will likely be all over the board.

Pet Battle Log

Or simply watch your pets health after each battle. You are sure to notice huge inconsistencies. For example, you may find your pet goes from 100% to 15% health in one battle, only to go from 100% to 80% in the next battle against the same opponent. As you can imagine, these significant inconsistencies can make pet battles less than fun and has left more than a few players with feelings of frustration and discouragement. The accuracy changes in Patch 5.3 hope to tame the randomness and bring a bit more control to pet battles.

Pet Battle Accuracy and Damage in Patch 5.3

It is pretty obvious that to make pet battles successful turn based games, something has to change. That something is coming in the form of changes to accuracy and damage output. In Patch 5.3 the base 5% chance to dodge has been removed, and the chance to miss opponents has been reduced at higher levels. Hopefully this chance will mean that your attacks that should hit will actually do so. This will in turn likely give players more incentive to get out there and take on higher level pets.

Despite this new level of control, everyone knows a little randomness is essential to fun. With the removal of the base dodge chance however, a lot of abilities would have 100% hit chance. To allow some randomness back into the game, some minor changes have been made that allow some abilities to have greater damage in exchange for a reduced chance to hit. This allows players to opt in or out of the randomness depending on if they like to play it safe or not.

Pet Battle

Same Old, Same Old

Not everything is changing when it comes to accuracy and damage in World of Warcraft Patch 5.3. Players may be surprised to find that the base 5 percent change to gain a critical strike and the +/- 10 percent variance on all abilities will remain the same. Blizzard is of the belief that getting a crit is a good thing, and the damage variance happens often enough to make a battle less predictable without leaning to heavily in one direction. However, a lingering “for now” hangs around both of these factors and so we may see changes to them in the future.

Want to know more about the changes coming to pet battles in Patch 5.3? Check out the full patch notes on Blizzard's website or for more details on accuracy changes, be sure to check out Crithto's post on Blizzard's blog.


With these changes in place pet battles are likely to become more fun, and (hopefully) less rage inducing. I personally can see these changes being a great service to the pet battle mini-game and a giant step towards making this mini-game more enjoyable. Do you think the changes coming to pet battles in Patch 5.3 are enough? What else needs done to make pet battles consistently more fun? Share your thoughts with us using the comment section below!

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