Top 5 Pieces of Advice for Returning WoW Players

Five pieces of advice every player returning to the game should keep in mind.

World of Warcraft burnout. Most of us who have been playing for any extended amount of time have experienced it. You lose the heated desire you once felt to play and find yourself taking part in an extended hiatus from the game. So while most World of Warcraft players have happily spend the last 100 days or so adventuring through Pandaria and experiencing all it has to offer, some players are just now finally getting back into the game.

These players may be wondering just what to expect, what path they should take, and which they should avoid. Many different answers can be given to these questions, depending on who you ask. However, there are a few pieces of advice concerning the new expansion that most of us will agree on, some of which I wish I had considered before taking on the newest World of Warcraft expansion.

Top 5 Pieces of Advice for Returning WoW Players

Stop and Smell the Flowers

The biggest piece of advice any returning player should consider is to simply slow down. Take your time, enjoy Pandaria. Mists of Pandaria is full of beautiful scenery, epic quest lines, and enchanting characters. So take the time to stop and read the quest text, explore the zones, and really get to know this new world we have been thrust in to. None of the typical rush, rush, rush to hit max level that most of us do when a new expansion arrives. You won’t regret it.

Begin with Old Favorites

Many returning players going into a new expansion like World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria will find themselves agonizing over whether they should level an old character, or begin a new one. After scouring the internet for an answer it appears that most of the World of Warcraft community is in agreement; skip the new and stick with the old. Choose your favorite level 85 character and go from there. Not only is there a ton of content available when you finally hit level 90, but consider the fact that after you experience the first 10-12 levels of new content you will be stuck grinding through 70 levels of stuff you have already seen.


It seems most prudent for players to choose their favorite character and level it to max level, experiencing all that Mists of Pandaria has to offer. However, you should not totally ignore you other characters. Take a second to log on to each of them and make sure they are in a major city or an inn so they can rack up the rested experience while awaiting their turn for attention. Trust me when I say that you will be very grateful for when it comes time to take them on the leveling grind.

Not All Peaches and Cream

Finally, remember, while Mists of Pandaria is a great expansion pack, you cannot expect it to be all peaches and cream. Players returning to the game who expect total perfection will be sorely disappointed. Those who venture back into WoW with high expectations, but their feet firmly planted in reality will find that they will be ultimately be more satisfied with their gaming experience. Those with more unrealistic ideals (expecting total perfection according to their standards) may very well find themselves taking another extended hiatus from the game.

Professions, Professions, Professions

While you may be excited to head right out into the world and get started on adventuring, it is important that you get a start on your professions. Before you head into Pandaria be sure to visit your nearest profession trainer and (assuming you were already at max skill level) learn the next level of skill, especially if you have a gathering profession. Nothing is more unfortunate than mining a node of ore or picking an herb and realizing you haven’t earned any skill points for it. Then an only then should you head into Pandaria, leveling your professions as you go when possible.

That wraps up our list of top 5 pieces of advice for returning WoW players. Have you ever taken a hiatus from the game? What advice would you offer those players choosing to return to World of Warcraft? Share your thoughts with us using the comment section below!

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