Top 5 Tips for Guild Leaders to Make the Most of Soon-to-be-Connected Realms

Tips for guild leaders looking to fatten their guild ranks with newly connected realms.

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The process of connecting realms to each other in World of Warcraft is several weeks in now and still as interesting as the very first time. After the first two connections going off with much success, Blizzard is ready to go all in. Last week, six new pairs of realms were announced to be connected to each other and we can only imagine there are more to come.

While servers usually have a pretty stagnate player pool these days with only a few transfers and new arrivals here and there, this mass introduction of tons of “new” players is really stirring up the pond. This is an especially exciting time for guild leaders who have floundering guilds that are dying for some new blood. Previously, they were either stuck with what the server had to offer or they had to convince players to pay the costly fee to server transfer. Now, they finally have a chance to enhance and bolster their ranks and potentially save their guilds in a much easier fashion as long as they take advantage of the period before and directly after the server connection. Here are five prime tips to put your guild in the best possible position to pick up members in this situation:

Top 5 Tips for Guild Leaders to Make the Most of Soon-to-be-Connected Realms

Don't Wait!

While you may want to wait till the server connection takes place, this could be a costly mistake. Instead of sitting back and wasting valuable time, get out there and get moving early! So, in the weeks or days before your server melds with another, head on over to the other servers realm forums and spend a little time there. Get to know the people, the feel of the environment and introduce yourself and your guild. Just like you would do on your own realm forum, be sure to post your recruitment message here with all the pertinent information related to your guild. You may even want to consider rolling a character on the other server to meet people “in-person”.

While this may seem like a crazy idea, players will be thinking about potential guilds well before the transfer. Making your presence felt and putting a positive spotlight on your guild will get them thinking about your guild. When the connection finally happens, good players will get snapped up early. Guild leaders who put themselves out there before the connection will find they are more easily able to pick up these types of players, so get out there and get to work!

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Best Face Forward

As mentioned above, players from the realm soon to be connected to yours are going to be scouting out your realm. With that in mind, this is a great time to remind your guild to put their best face forward on the forums, in game chat channels, and any other public place. While their shenanigans may usually seem funny, new players looking for potential guilds may not find them to be so appealing. Remind all members to be friendly, helpful, and to avoid drama at all costs. Good players will flock to guilds who emanate these qualities.

No Poaching

Poaching is bad in real life and in game. As a former officer, this is one of my biggest pet peeves and I am willing to bet that not many other guild leaders appreciate it either. While it is tempting to view this connection as a free-for-all player hunting extravaganza, you will want to avoid this frowned upon practice.

So, if a player is already in a guild, let them come to you if they want. Don't aggressively try to recruit them. Remember, you are trying to put your best face forward and these first few weeks are when players will form an opinion about you. This is your chance to form a good reputation and poaching can easily destroy that. Players have long memories and don't forgive easily. So skip the poaching and only actively “hunt” those players who don't already have a guild connection.

Flexibility is Key

My realm was connection without a hitch. Only a bit of downtime occurred and things went on like nothing had ever happened. While it would be nice to believe that this will be the case for all realms, it probably isn't going to be the case. At least until Blizzard has done this a few more times. So in the weeks leading up to and after the connection plan for extended maintenance on an unusual day.

Expect downtime and potential poor performance, but don't let it get your feathers ruffled. Re-schedule important guild events around the connection day and even then realize nothing is probably set in stone. Having guild events still available directly after a connection will be appealing to new players. Not to mention, that any new recruits will be impressed by your cool head and calm demeanor when faced with less than ideal server performance after the connection.

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Be Realistic

It is pretty easy to get overly hopeful about realm connections, espcially if your guild is really struggling. While the connection will infuse your realm with new life, it will not solve all of your problems. Your realm may be connected with a realm heavily saturated with the opposite faction or perhaps players with interests that don't coincide with yours.

So don't pin all your hopes on the connection of another realm. Sure, you can plan ahead and hope for the best, but to think that this realm connection is a magic wand that will fix everything is just a tad bit naïve. Keeping up the usual recruitment methods is essential. So keep working hard and be rational about what the newly connection realm could mean for you and your guild.

Has your realm already had another realm connected to it? What were your experiences? How did your guild fare before and after the connection? What would you have done differently and do you have any tips for guild leaders looking to benefit from a future realm connection? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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