Top 5 Zones that Make us Ask: What Happens Next

Five zones that saw big changes in Cataclysm that make us want to see what happens to them in the future.

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World of Warcraft was once a game where time seemed to stand still. Zones stayed exactly the same no matter how many times you played them and no matter how many years had passed. Of course, all that changed with Deathwing's return and the Cataclysm, which literally rocked the world. Familiar zones were were changed, some to the point that they were no longer recognizable. The once familiar world seemed brand new all over again.

However, despite the giant upheaval we saw in Cataclysm, it seems that the zones have once again become frozen in time and I can't help but feel slightly frustrated about it. You see, I want to see these changes evolve. I want to know if things are rebuilt, enemies are run out, and if hostilities are put to rest. I've been patiently waiting, but so far, things have remained the same.

While almost every zone now has some part of it that I would love to see move into the future, some stand out above the rest. Below you will find my top 5 picks that need to move forward so we can see what happens next! Enjoy!

Top 5 Zones that Make us Ask: What Happens Next

Loch Modan

As we all have probably seen by now, Loch Modan doesn't have much Loch in it anymore. The dam holding all the water back was broken. The waters have rushed out into the Wetlands, which are wetter than ever. Dead fish lay scattered about, the dastardly Dark Iron Dwarves are running amok, and to add insult to injury, the Twilight's Hammer have settled in the area.

With all this going on, there is no way this zone should remain in a stalemate for the next several years. There are too many pressing questions that need to have answers. For example; will the Dwarves rebuild the dam and restore the Loch or if the remaining water will slowly trickle away? If they fail will Loch Modan as a zone be renamed? Can the Twilight's Hammer be routed from the area or will their corruption take over more of this once pristine zone? All these questions and more are awaiting answers and, in my opinion, it shouldn't take several expansions to do so.

Southern Barrens

Another zone literally tore apart by the Cataclysm is the Southern Barrens. Once one big zone, a massive canyon has now separated the zone into two: the Northern and Southern Barrens. Once a Horde dominated zone, it has been thrown into utter chaos. An escalating conflict is taking place here between the Horde and Alliance with no clear winner in sight. The very fate of Kalimdor may hang in the balance of this epic battle and I am more than a little tired of waiting to see the outcome. However, considering Blizzard's track record concerning zone changes, we may have to wait years to see any real change take place. I say this is unacceptable,seeing this battle-ridden zone move forward in the near future is a definite must.



Darkshore is possibly one of the hardest hit zones of the Cataclysm. Here a giant tidal wave caused the demise of Auberdine and the earth itself was pulled apart, letting the waters rush in and making the roads treacherous, unstable, and even impassible in some areas. A giant whirlpool was formed in the process, a death trap for any foolhardy enough to let themselves be sucked in.

If that wasn't bad enough, the entire zone is unstable and in danger of being ripped apart. The only thing still holding it together is the might of Malfurion Stormrage who stands valiantly in the Eye of the Vortex. With all this going on in this zone, it leaves us to wonder it's ultimate fate. Will the forces of nature rip it to shreds? Or will the Night Elves prevail and reconstruct the roads, heal the land, and eventually rebuild Auberdine? I don't know the answers, but I do know with such a tense situation, things can't (and shouldn't) remain like this for long.


If you haven't been there lately, Desolace no longer resembles it's name. After the Cataclysm fresh water was able to flow into the zone and the zone has responded by beginning to turn itself green. Even the Kodo Graveyard, once a rather depressing place, is turning a happy shade of green. To help the process along, the Cenarion Circle now is a prominent presence in the zone.

While Desolace hasn’t been ripped apart like many of the other zones, there is still a lot going on here. Life is being rebuilt here in what was once a zone of death. We need to see if the Cenarion Circle can really make this zone burst with life and will the name of the zone be changed in turn? Or will some unforeseen circumstance take it back to it's original gloomy state? Players like me want to know!

Southern Barrens


Durotar is an interesting place since after the Cataclysm. Vol'jin and the Trolls rallied his forces and retook the Echo Isles, forever separating them from the Orcs starting zone. The Alliance have pushed into Durotar, a previously Horde-only zone and of course, perhaps the most notable change, is the total rebuilding of Orgrimmar under the reign of Garrosh. That's not to mention the physical changes that came to the zone after the Cataclysm.

We've seen some forward progression here. Garrosh has been unseated and Vol'jin is the big man in charge. I want to know how this will change Orgrimmar? Will it once again get a facelift? Will the Trolls expand outward into the zone? Will the Alliance gain a larger foothold or will they be driven from the zone? The current state of Durotar leaves many unanswered questions.

That wraps up my picks for the top 5 zones we need to see what happens next in. While some players may not be concerned with these old school zones, I can't help but feel the grand majority of us would like to see them move forward, see how they turn out in the future. One can only hope that it won't be years before these zones see any more changes and it won't take a major earth shaking event like the Cataclysm to make it happen.

What zones do you want to see move forward? When do you think it will happen? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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