MMOs and the Newcomer…

by Lady Sirse


Are you new to the MMO craze? Unsure what you will be getting into when Vanguard: Saga of Heroes ships to a gaming store near you? Have you been lurking around the forums and fan sites nervously waiting to make your first jump into the gaming world with Sigil Games Online? Trust me you aren’t alone!


It is hard to say exactly how this game will feel to the first time MMO player at this point. But how does the company, and the growing community around it, treat those who don’t have any, or not very much, online gaming experience? Vanguard: Saga of Heroes promises to be the paramount of community. The developer’s have stated that they are making a framework for the community and building the game around that frame. Will this be helpful to the newcomer or make things more daunting?


As Beta 1 gets geared up and going perhaps some of these questions might begin to be answered and addressed for the developers and beta testers. While we wait to hear from that corner of things, it’s easy to look around at what is publicly known to see that there will be help along the way. It might come from fan sites rather than anything official from Sigil Games Online, but help will be there.


I have to say that the group of people who are following this game are for the most part, a wonderful, welcoming bunch. We have seen time and time again on the OVF very helpful posts directing newcomers to the resources they need to begin to understand their environment here. Sure, of late, there are those that would rather flame their disdain of the newcomer’s questions and perhaps idealistic postings, but this has truly been a very small part of the community.


The fan sites, especially the Affiliates, have made very welcoming communities that offer a smaller and more focused place for the newcomer to get their feet wet. If you look through these sites you will find all sorts of guides, columns, forum threads and question and answer areas aimed at the newcomer. These are all promised to continue to evolve and expand as more and more information about the game is released.


What will it be like for the newcomer to MMOs as they sit excitedly down at their computer to log into Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for the first time? Will that experience be that different from the veteran gamer? Close your eyes and remember back to when you logged into your first MMO. Remember the feeling of anticipation, the nervous grin that crossed your face as you began to create a character hoping you were doing it right, and that gasp of wonder you uttered when you saw your chosen world for the first time? No matter how long ago this experience was, most people can recall it vividly.


I was reminded of that anticipation and excitement at Fanguard Beta this summer in Las Vegas. Everywhere you looked players of varying experience mingled with the developers and team from Sigil Games Online and there was no difference in the time spent with those new to gamers and those who had been playing for years. This was just one of many signs that they were truly going to make sure that there was something about the game that would interest all areas of the community. They took time to answer every question asked of them, no matter how simple or complex.


It is my opinion that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be a welcoming and helpful game and community to those new to the MMO market. From helpful community members, to fan sites with resources geared towards the newcomer there is honestly no other community out there that has more to offer.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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