The post apocalyptic world of 2029 won't be available to players until March but that doesn't mean you can't keep up with the community and beta news with the newly launched official 2029 website!

The new sci-fi based MMORPG 2029 Online is proudly launching its official website today. Although the game itself won't be available until March, you can preview characters, vehicles, systems and features, and even discuss all of this with other players anxiously awaiting the game.

With a flat black background enhancing the futuristic metallic layout, the website really pulls you into the post apocalyptic world of 2029. As the 3 main class's faceoff on the homepage, they tell the story of the coming conflict and set the scene for the game's March debut.

Come visit 2029 Online to find out all of the latest info, news and development details (including the acquisition of test accounts) as we count down to the Alpha Test release. We hope this website will be your connection to everything about 2029 Online, now and in the future!

Stay tuned to for all the latest details!

Visit the 2029 website now and keep an eye out at Ten Ton Hammer for more 2029 news!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016