We think Vivox's Voon has the potential to be one of the best out-of-game communication tools for MMO gamers since, well, Ten Ton Hammer. And since its absolutely free-to-use, you should definitely check it out. But if you still have some questions about what Voon is and what it can do, you should check out this quick Q&A with Matthew Bellows, VP of Consumer Strategy at Vivox. Matthew answers some candid questions about what he hopes Voon will do to enhance your MMO gaming lifestyle.

"As gamers, we love being somewhere live - hearing the news as it drops and being able to talk back. Since we can't always be at the event in person, we created Voon. Voon is meant to be that place where gamers can take in, take part and create discussion around games we care about."

Check out our Voon Q&A with Vivox's Matthew Bellows right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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