I'm waiting for an orc to say, "Pip pip cheerio, London fog and all that rot."

In the Warhammer Online universe, you rarely find an Orc that is willing to allow you to talk to him, let alone follow him around for a few hours. At Comic-Con 2007, the Ten Ton Hammer team was lucky enough to encounter Murgash the Choppa, a passionate Orc who was willing to take us into his world and show us what being a young Orc is all about. Entertainment and slightly British dialects await!

Murgash gave us an account of his early days with the Bloody Sun Boyz, starting off his career as a premiere Choppa in the army. Please understand Murgash is after all, an Orc. So take his account with a drop of squig soup and a whole lot of WAAGH!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016