You Ask; AoC Devs Answer!

The Age of Conan Ask the Devs feature allows the community to ask their
questions to Funcom, the developers of the game. Funcom developer,
Jason "Athelan" Stone has been answering those very questions right
here on our forums. This week, Athelan returned to answer 18 more
questions. The topics covered a broad range and a few rumors were put
to rest.

Can you confirm I've got the instancing setup for Conan correct (just
to be sure we're talking the same language, by instancing I mean merely
making a copy of a zone for any reason [for instance I'd call DDO
completely instanced, even the city zones], and not just limited to

Outdoors - not instanced

Cities - not instanced (?)

BKs - not instanced, no player cap (?)

City building interiors - instanced (?)

PvE cities - instanced

Tortage nighttime - instanced

PvP minigames - instanced

Some (all?) dungeons - instanced (some have caps of 100 players)

Anything else I'm missing?"

Athelan: Your
summation is generally accurate. We do not
instantiate Outdoor area's etc as much as possible, but we do some
quest areas, dungeons, PvP mini game areas, and resource and building
playfields (PvE player cities)

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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