Quick, Somebody Call a

The truth is revealed about Age of Conan's Priests of Mitra. Often
referred to as perhaps the most "powerful" healers, Evan Michaels tells
us the facts about the class. We learn a little about their offensive
and defensive capabilities, as well as find out how their ability to
control crowds affects their other abilities and how it all comes
together on the PvP battle field.

While one may be inclined to presume that the Priest
of Mitra may be
the “good” healer—especially when compared to the Tempest of Set—this
assumption wouldn’t be totally correct. At their core, Priests of Mitra
are a bit on the vengeful and (perhaps overly) righteous side, using
religious zeal as a source of power and strength. While a Priest is
often portrayed as being “nice”, Priests of Mitra are often a bit more
inclined to smite their enemies with Mitra’s wrath than try to sit down
and have a friendly conversation. In the end, good and evil is fairly
subjective and the holy vengeance of Mitra could probably be viewed as
either one—depending on the beholder, of course.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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