Wanna Pick a Fight?

We are now taking applications for the Age of Conan Forum Fight #2!

If you've got a quick wit and a strong opinion, send Machail a private
message on the forums with a sample of your opinion. Make it witty and
gritty. The most creative entertaining posts will be selected and their
writers will be thrown into the pit this weekend (April 12-13) to duke
it out.

The flamefest, er, the thread will then be formatted with commentary
and posted as a feature article on Ten Ton Hammer for the world to see.

Two people enter. Only one will leave. (Because this post was lacking a
good overly-used cliché).

This week's topic: Which is more important to a game's success? The
casual gamer or the hardcore gamer?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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