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In the marketing scheme of things, it often doesn't pay to tell general
reporters about quests. They want to hear things about blood and sex,
and since there's plenty of this in Age of Conan, the quest system
often gets ignored.

However, the Ten Ton Hammer staff members are more than just the
general press; we're tried and true gamers. Cody "Micajah" Bye and
community member Ben Avery took an extra day with the Funcom developers
to really get to the heart of the details concerning the quests in AoC.
To do this, we talked with Joel Bylos, quest designer for the game's
40-60 level range, at length, asking him numerous questions concerning
the gods, his favorite quests, and the idea of branching quest lines.

We actually have some quests where your decisions
actually cause you to
go down one side or the other of a branching quest. There's one
particular quest where there is this set of mantis people that have
been enslaved by an evil Necromancer and he's using them to search the
desert for an artifact. However, this Necromancer has gotten so busy
that he's kicked his apprentice out of castle. You meet the apprentice
on the road as you explore. He's a bitter man; he basically calls you a
donkey's ass at one point in the dialogue. When you talk to him, he
gives you a certain quest to go kill the Necromancer so he can take
over the castle and enslave the mantis people for his own goals.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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