"Ach! A Keyboard! How

Ideazon, makers of the Zboard gaming keyboard, sent us a Zboard and Age
of Conan keyset to try out. We put the limited edition keyset to the
test with a week of playing Age of Conan. Can this keyboard and keyset
hold up to a MMOG players needs? Find out in our Age of Conan Zboard
Keyset review.

I had
been playing Age of Conan beta for about five months before I tried out
this keyboard. I was familiar with the game and its macros and hotkeys.
What I had really been hoping was that the Age of Conan keyset for the
Z-board was going to include some cool independent keys for executing
combos. However, these were not on the keyboard. What was available on
the keyboard were several keys at the right side of the keyboard for
various game functions such as pulling up the quest list, feats tree,
friends list, and various chat commands.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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