Mega gaming portal gPotato has recently brought another massive PvP
game to our shores. Aika features 1000 vs. 100
battles, 100's of quests and 6 unique classes. Ten Ton Hammer sat down
with Christina Kelly, Community Manager from Gala-Net, Inc., to discuss
those classes in a six part interview series. After a bit of an
extended break, we resume this series with a look at the third class,
the Dual Gunner. Join us this week as we look at the final "female
only" class in our series and like her predecessors, she is no

Ten Ton Hammer: This makes the third "female
only" class in the game that we have looked at, we may have a soft spot
for girls here at Ten Ton Hammer, but this one is a bit more aggressive
than the Cleric that we spotlighted last week. Was it important to
spread out the roles that could be filled in terms of gender?

I have indeed noticed Ten Ton Hammer’s interest in our female classes.
Well, your observation is correct—the Dual Gunner is a more aggressive
class than the Cleric, since the former focuses on fast, heavy
damage-dealing and the latter focuses on healing magic. Add in the
Paladin’s defensive stamina and melee attacks, and the end result is
that there’s a lot of variety for people looking to play a female class
without being pigeonholed into one role. Gala-Net didn’t develop the
game, so my comments aren’t to be taken as gospel, but I’d say that’s
the reason the gender distribution in Aika is the way it is. Players
shouldn’t feel as though one gender has less of a range of roles in the
class system than the other, and Aika addresses this concern admirably.


Ready to get your Dual Gunner on?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016